Welcome to the Kenyan website,a site about Kenya and its amazing people.Its all about Kenya-Its people,its leaders,its wildlife & scenery etc.Here,you will learn about the Kenyan tribe and all the Kenyan Languages complete with a dictionary of translations in each of the tribes.To the world,this is the site that communicates about the Kenyan dream and what makes Kenya worthy of respect and admiration among the league of nations.To the Kenyans themselves,this is the site where you learn that second or third language of your fellow countryman,get to know where the action is at the moment and still be cool with lots of music ,exposure and adventure.With time ,this site will connect you with the outside world in this global village that is the present time.THIS IS THE IN-THING NOW,ITS COOL,ITS TRENDING.Enjoy!

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Uniting Kenya;learning kenyan languages.

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We are changing the face of Kenya for good.All players are welcomed on board.

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